Thursday, 6 August 2009

Beginners' Sewing Workshops in London and South East

Sewing is back. Well, it never really went away, but more and more are returning to the pleasures of sewing your own clothes and accessories. Using a machine need no longer be a mystery and mending your most loved dress is a real possibility. These workshops will give you a strong basis in hand-sewing techniques and methods. There will be an introduction to the sewing machine and it's use. You will be able to make your own cushion cover during the workshop and award yourself your own hand-sewn rosette. Top of the class!!
Classes will cost £65 per person for 5 hours with a minimum of 3 students. All sewing materials, including scissors, pins, needles and threadwill be provided. Sewing machines will be the student's own unless organised otherwise. If you would like individual lessons or with one other person, classes will be scaled up at £120 for one and £95 per person for two.

All workshops are available in London and the South East at a location to be discussed on booking but can be arranged on an individual basis outside these areas. Contact Bee by e-mail at

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